Mannington Better-benchmark Kingsbridge CastleRock 3822



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Mannington Better-benchmark Kingsbridge CastleRock 3822

Product Attributes

Collection Better-benchmark
Color CastleRock
Shade Medium
Application Residential
Size Available in 6' and 12'
Thickness 60
Attached Pad Felt
Location On, Above or Below Grade
Backing Felt
Look Stone
Installation Method Full spread, Loose lay (no glue) or Perimeter (glue only perimeter)
Description Inspired by the masonry found in Europe's ancient castles, Kingsbridge embodies the look of hand-set stone while its multi-layered coloring and realistic detailing exude the strength and stability of those durable fortifications. Authentic in its design and coloring, this 6” limestone pattern pays homage to the lasting craftsmanship of times past by offering today’s homes a look that will endure.